Who we are ?

New with establishment, big with experience.

Founded in 2010 with a young and dynamic staff, our company serves in the field of brain surgery, orthopedics, trauma, implant and surgical set production and design capacity. Our main principles are respect to our work, high attention, rigour and effort to provide the best service to our customers. Working in a manner of customer-focused, honest, transparent, innovative, environment friendly, community friendly, creative and with continuously improving employees, Tial Med sets its quality service in the most economic conditions by adopting customer satisfaction as a principle. With its expert staff, Tial Med has taken the pace with speed and quality as a principle, and has taken firm steps towards becoming a pioneer organization without compromising respect and tolerance in its medical sector services.
With the modern medicine technology which enables life to resume, our company aims to satisfy our deemed customers by providing continuous improvement, universal quality and standards of products and services with employees producing solutions who add value to human life in health sector.
Our mission is to produce solutions that add value to human life with our experience in the health sector, our technology and our ability to achieve great goals in a short time with our talent and energy in the health sector.